New Irish website on workplace health and wellbeing

18 July 2018

Workplace Health and Wellbeing

This website is developed from the work of a number of large scale EU funded projects in the area of workplace health and wellbeing in which the Work Research Centre have led or been involved.  These have addressed a number of themes:

•    Mental health and wellbeing at work
•    Drugs and alcohol
•    Return to work following illness or injury
•    Workplace health promotion

We are now integrating these themes into an Irish context – to take account of Irish legislation and policy, resources in Ireland and to adapt European approaches to the circumstances for Irish workplace health practice.


FITWORK Project launches Guide to implementing workplace fitness programmes

17 July 2018

The Fitwork project, of which WRC is a partner (through the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion - ENWHP) has just launched a Guide to implementing workplace fitness programmes at a conference in Barcelona.  The Guide focuses on two types of programme – general programmes that aim to boost activity levels of employees and programmes that address specific musculoskeletal issues that arise from workplace risks (e.g. repetitive physical work, long periods of sitting).

The Guide is based on a number of activities undertaken within the project.  Partners from Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Romania as well as the ENWHP undertook a literature review, a transnational survey of employers, field trials of fitness programmes as well as drawing upon ENWHP expertise in setting up workplace health promotion programmes.  The Guide, drafted by Dr. Richard Wynne of WRC, is available from the project website


AGROSH project trials week long training course for OSH specialists in agriculture

17 July 2018

The AGROSH project has just completed a pilot 5 day course on OSH for specialists in the agriculture sector in Bucharest.  Trainees from Romania, Bulgaria and Ireland took part.

The training was directed at developing Risk Assessment and Prevention skills in a range of agricultural settings.  It was entirely case study based – these being drawn from 7 real life case studies that had been developed by the project.

The overall evaluations of the project were extremely positive, with participants drawing benefit from the range of cases they were faced with as well as the interactive nature of the course itself.

WRC is a partner on the AGROSH project.  You can find out more on this project at