Programme:   ADAPT - Human Resources Community Initiative

Project Title:   Managers in Support of Management Toolkit to Assist Managers in the Implementation of Telework Telework (MAST)


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To facilitate Irish companies’ practice in implementing telework arrangements for their workforce through the development of an appropriate support package.


The target management groups for the project products may be found in any public or private sector organisation, which might benefit from implementing teleworking. Essentially, any organisation, which has a significant office function, can benefit from the implementation of teleworking. Thus, while the potential target group is very large, and could include the types of management categories listed below, the project will reduce this range by selecting specific groups from sectors with a high propensity to uptake teleworking. Target groups for the project outputs include: HR managers, IT managers, Strategic level management, and line management in the service sector.


The National College of Ireland

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Contact Point:   Dr. Ian McLeod, National Partner, Co-ordinator
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Contact Point:   Sabine Hellmann-Flocken, Co-ordinator, RKW, Dusseldorf, Germany
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Technical University of Crete

Contact Point:   Maria Fostieri, Project Co-ordinator
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Projects Outputs

There are a number of products to emerge from the ADAPT MAST project which primarily stemmed from the findings of the MAST Survey in September 1998. These findings form the basis of both the Management Course - The Management of Remote Teams, and the Management Toolkit to Assist Managers in the Implementation of Telework. The project outputs are summarised below:

Product 1:

MAST Telework Survey - Summary Data - September 1998 - Survey of approximately 1200 human resource managers in large organisations investigating the barriers to implementing teleworking arrangements

Product 2:

Management Toolkit to Assist Managers in the Implementation of Telework

Product 3:

Management Course - The Management of Remote Teams

Product 4:

Common Product developed through transnational co-operation with METAQUA in Germany and The Technical University of Crete, Greece and the Work Research Centre Ltd. Product 4 is in the form of a draft, 3rd version. The final version is being developed and should be available during 2000

These product files may be downloaded:

Duration of the project

The ADAPT - MAST project started in January 1998 and finished in March 2000.


Name:   Marie Therese Fanning
Organisation:   The Work Research Centre
Address:   3 Sundrive Road, Kimmage, Dublin 12, Ireland
Telephone:   +353-1-492-7042
Facsimile:   +353-1-492-7046