Between Work and Welfare Improving Return to Work Strategies for long-term absent employees

Funding: EU: targeted socio-economic research programme


Long term absenteeism for health reasons is a major problem across Europe. In many countries there are more people who are work disabled than there are unemployed. The reasons for this situation are complex, and vary from country to country. They generally involve a combination of workplace factors and welfare system related factors. The net effect of the interaction of these systems is often to ‘disable’ the worker, with consequent costs for employers, workers and welfare systems.

The RETURN project will address the problems of work disability, with the aim of characterising the work and the welfare based systems which deal with workers who become disabled and developing solutions to the barriers to reintegrating the work disabled. The project takes place in 6 of the member States: Ireland, Finland, Italy, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.


Projects outputs

Duration of project

February 2000 - February 2002

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