European Network for Workplace Health Promotion / SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)


The overall project was envisaged as having an overall European perspective, while one of the main objectives is to create a comparable overview of prevailing practices in occupational health and safety in the SMEs in individual partner countries, the ultimate aim being workplace health promotion. Objectives of the project are summarised below:

The WRC is responsible for compiling the national report. This report aims to describe the functioning and regulation of occupational safety and health in SMEs, to examine the differences between the statutory requirements and reality regarding the workplace health promotion (WHP), to identify both the hindering and advantageous conditions regarding the implementation of occupational health and safety (OHS), to assess the effectiveness of OHS and workplace health promotion in SMEs with regard to health, social and economic indicators, and to map out future strategies which would enhance OHS and WHP in SMEs.

Duration of project

This project will last for 2 years, start: Jan 1999 / end: Dec 2000

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