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This page gives links to the many project websites WRC have been involved in.  These cover the full range of content areas – workplace health, health promotion, mental health and technology at work and in society. 

ATIS4all collaborative portal

ATIS4all collaborative portal is the result of an EU-funded project, which aims to benefit all the key actors in the value chain of ICT ATs and accessibility products (from research centres to the end-users). It is an open and collaborative portal that offers reliable information on ICT ATs, inclusive solutions and R&D initiatives, and fosters online discussion, exchange of knowledge, expertise and sharing of information among its different portal members. Any organisation working in any field related to ICT AT and inclusive solutions can become a member of the collaborative portal or an information provider. Registration and participation in the collaborative portal is free.


The aim of the MEPMIS Project is to develope a training resource (web based, & face to face) for trainers and managers in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that will equip them with the appropriate skills and sufficient knowledge and understanding to enable them to deal both proactively and reactively with the issue of substances and their impact on work / employment.


The ETCAATS project has two main aims: 1). to develop an online training course in accessible tourism from existing innovative content; and 2). to develop a ‘Road Map’ for an EU certification system for the area of accessible tourism vocational training, in line with the European Qualifications Framework.

The target groups for the course include employers and personnel in the tourism industry. The ETCAATS project aims to have a direct impact on the tourism sector by enabling tourism providers, who have taken the course, to make their offers accessible for the 127 million Europeans who are looking for such facilities and services.

European Network for Mental Health Promotion

What is the European Network for Mental Health Promotion?

  • The ENMHP is a new network for people interested in mental health promotion.
  • ENMHP has more than 1600 members from Europe and beyond
  • ENMHP membership includes policy makers, practitioners and educators
  • ENMHP aims to influence practitioners, policy makers, professionals and administrators
  • ENMHP aims to become the premier network for mental health promotion
  • Builds on the work of ProMenPol project


Welcome to the MHP-Hands website. This website is aimed at practitioners of mental health promotion in Schools, Workplaces and Older people’s homes. Running from 2010-2013, MHP-Hands is developing a set of implementation manuals for MHP. These will be available in 7 languages. Based on ProMenPol, it will also produce a training course in how to use the implementation manuals.
MHP-Hands aims to equip:

  • Teachers and administrations in schools
  • Human resources (HR) professionals, management representatives and occupational physicians in the workplace
  • Care workers, doctors, administrative staff and caregivers in older people’s living environments to understand the factors critical to mental health maintenance and promotion and to initiate, implement and monitor policy and programme development in their organisations.


MindHealth is a Leonardo Da Vinci Project supported project that is producing a training programme for implementing mental health promotion in three settings:

  • Schools
  • Workplaces
  • Older people’s homes

It is producing an e-learning programme which can be used as a self-learning programme or can be supported by a face-to-face training course.


Cultural diversity is inevitable in the XXI century society. Migrant movements make Europe more heterogeneous and open, and it demands that the labour market and the enterprises search for the specific value that the diversity gives.

The presence of people from other cultures in the labour market has increased, but the design and implementation of specific policies for managing diversity and the promotion of intercultural dialogue in enterprises has not changed. It is predictable that the employers consider more and more the diversity as an element to manage in their companies, and that they need specific training to qualify them in order to integrate the differences of the workers, include cultural, in the culture of the organization.

The IN-DIVERSITY project will introduce management and training tools to manage the cultural diversity in companies and in the labour market.


Diversity@Work targets all people who are interested in integrating diverse groups into the workplace. Funded by the Leonardo programme, the site provides:

  • Information on a wide range of policies and practices at both the European and National Level.
  • Training via our e-learning modules which provide an introductory understanding of the key issues involved in Managing Diversity in the Workplace.
  • Diversity Management Toolkit that provides the necessary tools to design and implement Diversity Management policies in your workplace.


Return to work  -  An Integrated e-learning Environment.


European Network for Workplace Health Promotion.

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