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Current & recent projects and assignments

2016-2018 - AGROSH+

"OSH+ for the European Agriculture sector - Stimulating growth in rural areas through capacity building for providers (and beneficiaries) of occupational medicine and OSH services".
The project addresses the domains of Occupational Safety and Health and Occupational Medicine by particularizing them to the sector of agriculture.    More on this project ...

2014-2016 - Health and wellbeing of Aer Lingus Cabin Crew

This project undertook an online survey of all Dublin, Cork and Shannon based Aer Lingus Cabin Crew. More than 400 responded to the questionnaire. (47%). Findings included high levels of psychological distress, disrupted sleep patterns, psychosocial and work environment stress as well as dissatisfaction with the roster system and the absence management system. Recommendations concern rosters, health and safety, health promotion and return to work.

2016-2017 - Evaluation of HAIL Doras and Slan Abhaile projects (2016-2017)

This project undertook an evaluation of the Doras and Slan Abhaile projects (funded by Genio). These projects sought to relocate people with mental health problems who were living in hostel accommodation to independent living arrangements. The project involved interviewing clients (individually and in focus groups) and a range of stakeholders (e.g. families, housing key workers, HSE key workers, Local Authorities) to obtain their views on the processes and outcomes of the project. In addition, the project assessed the value case for widening the service from its project origins to become a national service. The project involved both quantitative analysis (of project records, of data collected through the interviews) as well as quantitative analysis of interview and focus group open-ended data.

2016-2017 - An evidence review to inform the parameters of a refresh of A Vison for Change

This project undertaken for the Department of Health, collected evidence in Ireland and internationally that can be used in the 2017 review of the national mental health policy ‘A vision for Change’. The project was done in collaboration with the London School of Economics. The project gathered evidence in Ireland on the extent to which the targets of AVFC were met, examples of good practice and examples from Europe and beyond that illustrate different approaches to achieving the goals of AVFC and ways of organising mental health services.

2015-2016 - International good practice in Vocational Rehabilitation: Lessons for Ireland

This project, undertaken for the National Disability Authority in Ireland, described and contrasted approaches to vocational rehabilitation of people with a disability or long standing health problem in 4 jurisdictions – Slovenia, Finland, New Zealand, Queensland (Australia) in detail, and a further 8 in less detail, with a view to identifying lessons for Irish policy, systems and practice.

2016-2017 - Evaluation of Clúid Housing/Alone pilot on support co-ordination for older people

This project undertook an evaluation of a pilot support co-ordination service for older people who were resident in Clúid housing units. This service was provided by Alone to a selection of Clúid tenants and sought to intervene early when problems in such areas as tenancy maintenance, interaction with public authorities and utilities and interactions with the health service arose. The service also provided befriending services on an as needs basis.

2017 - Review of student mental health services at UCD

This project undertook an external review of student mental health supports in UCD. It aimed to inform ongoing work to develop a roadmap for reengineering student mental health supports. The review was to broadly examine and assess the current system of mental health supports in UCD, benchmark UCD against other third level institutions in this area of student support, identify gaps in service, and provide recommendations on relevant aspects requiring attention.

2017-2018 - Evaluation of the transfer of the MIND Blue Light Programme from England to Wales

The Blue Light programme developed by MIND in England seeks to improve the awareness and treatment of mental health issues amongst a set of occupational groups that face a set of specific risks to mental health. In addition to focusing on the impact of Blue Light work on the workers involved, the programme also seeks to raise awareness about mental health issues amongst service users. In transferring the programme from England to Wales, implementation faces the typical problems of transferring a technology or approach from one organisational and cultural context to another (e.g. different resources, approaches, policies, needs). This project evaluates this ongoing process.

2018 - CHO2 Service Reform Fund consultations

This project supports the Service Reform Fund implementation team in the CHO2 area through gathering information from mental health service users, their families and service suppliers within and outside of the HSE on various service reform issues. It does so through running 30 focus groups and listening meetings across the CHO2 area with these target groups as well as running online surveys for each of these groups.

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