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Development of an EU Certification System for Information Technology Qualifications


Programme: Leonardo da Vinci, European Commission


The Project's focus is the development of a new methodology for the accreditation of Information Technology qualifications in the EU Countries and is related to the following:

  • Changes at the institutional level, by the adoption of new qualification standards by Governments, Ministries, Organisations, etc.
  • The standardization of new job profiles for the trainees, with specific knowledge on levels / specializations
  • Re-evaluation of the contractual policy


The objectives of the project are as follows:

  • Evaluation of current work
  • Identification of common training needs and definition of common vocational prototypes.
  • CD-ROM based Multi-Criteria methodology for the evaluation of IT competence.
  • Amendment through the partnership network.
  • Development of a WEB-based application process.
  • Test in selected partner training institutions.
  • Definition of procedures for the recognition and certification of IT qualifications for the establishment of an accreditation authority

Specific Objectives:

  • Market Research for recognition / identification of the informal training system in EU Partners' countries plus France, Belgium, Italy, Spain & Germany and through the Internet.

    Result : Reports, Report for Leonardo committee.

  • One-Day Conference / Round Table Meeting of partners. Identification of common trainee needs and record of common vocational prototypes.

    Result: Transformation of the results of Partners' countries by informing the representatives of the Vocational Training and all other relative Organisations and a Report for the Leonardo Committee.

  • Enriching the co-operation between the vocational training organisations, designers of informal training, trainers and SME's.

    Result: Creation of a WEB database and network for all the vocational training organisations of the partners' countries, Report for Leonardo committee.

  • Development of a multi-criteria methodology for the evaluation of trainees.

    Result: Application program on PC base-CD (in English), Report for Leonardo committee.

  • Re-evaluation of needs / methodology. Development of a common plan of actions for EU member states.

    Results: Development of a communication system between partners focused on development, improvement, and re-evaluation of the methodological framework. Report for Leonardo committee.

  • Creation of the network for diffusion the results of the program.

    Results: Presentation of the final results on the Internet, transformation of the PC-based multi-criteria application on WEB, trial use of the WEB-based application from at least 2 training institutions coming from partner's countries. Report for Leonardo committee.

  • Three days course for two selected representatives specialized on the field of vocational training, on each partner's country undertaken locally. Training on the methodological framework. Evaluation and diffusion of the results.

    Result : Training program, printed material of the Methodology Guide and CD in English, presentation of final results at the final meeting, Final Report for Leonardo committee.


  • CO-ORDINATOR: TUC/DSS, Technical University of Crete, Decision Support Systems Laboratory, Greece, (Y. Siskos)
  • PARTNERS: Greek Productivity Center (ELKEPA), Greece, (S. Protopapadakis)
  • MEMO Computers, Greece, (A. Antalis)
  • Economic Chamber of Greece, Branch of West Crete, Greece, (G. Baourakis)
  • Nijenrode University (NCE), Netherlands, (G. V. Dijk)
  • Linkoping Institute of Technology, Sweden, ( S. Migdalas)

Duration of the project

This is a 3 year long project from 8/12/1997 - 7/12/2000.

For more information 

Name:   Marie Therese Fanning
Organisation:     Work Research Centre
Telephone:   +353-1-492-7042
Facsimile:   +353-1-492-7046

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