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Individual Career Management Tool in the Work Place, for Increased Mobility, Adaptability to Change, and Equal Opportunities in the ICT Sector

Programme: Leonardo da Vinci, European Commission

IndiCaM@ICT web site

IndiCaM@ICT is a Leonardo da Vinci pilot project which aims to develop and test in the ICT sector an innovative online tool supporting the provision of individualised career management in the workplace, offering self-career-management opportunities to each individual through upgrading of skills and knowledge.

The project specifically addresses people working in the ICT sector, who, due to the rapid technological change and the particular operational needs of New Economy enterprises, constantly face the need for mobility, adaptability, continuous upgrading of skills and re-training. Among them, special attention is paid to women, as issues of equal opportunities remain particularly relevant in the ICT sector.


  • Development and pilot testing of the proposed online tool for individualised career management counselling and learning in the workplace
  • Development and pilot testing of the corresponding training of counsellors and their trainers
  • Specification and standardization of skills, knowledge and training requirements for the job of Career Management Counselling in the Work Place
  • Development of international communication and exchange of knowledge and good practice relating to career management and counselling in the workplace
  • Wide dissemination of project results


  • Manual describing the needs for career management counselling in the workplace and (re)training in ICT sector SMEs
  • Manual of the general methodology and model for guidance and counselling in the work place
  • Pilot guidance and counselling programme in the workplace
  • Online guidance and counselling supporting tool
  • Pilot counsellors' training programme
  • Pilot counsellor trainers' training programme
  • Pilot guidance and counselling programme, using the online guidance and counselling supporting tool
  • Report on results analysis and effectiveness evaluation
  • Study on skills, knowledge and training requirements standardization for the job of Career Management Counselling in the Work Place
  • Electronic communication and information portal
  • Project results dissemination activities (including publications)
  • International Forum on Strategic Career Management in the Workplace

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