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Process re-Engineering and Procurement Planning extending EOTIP coverage as mandated by new work Requirements

Programme: SPRITE-S2


  • Engagement of EOTIP in procurement plans that form part of process-redesign- mandated migration plans
  • Clear identification through EOTIP of new services that are necessary for the support of new working situations
  • Extend EOTIP model to handle the provision of these services and the interactions between users and customers
  • Identify the need for and model service- and customer-based procurement analysis
  • Model EOTIP extension to cover also preliminary study of the user types and service classes
  • Identify best practices and shortcomings in the process of the EOTIP model employment
  • Identify links and dependencies to other procurement methodologies (e.g. EPHOS) that are necessitated for more complete coverage of user requirements and avoidance of duplication.


  • Archetypon Information Technologies, Greece.
    Contact Point: George Boukis, Project Manager.
    Web Address:
  • OTE Consulting, Greece.
    Contact Point: Natassa Anastasiadou, Senior Consultant in Telecommunications.
    Web Address:

Projects outputs 

Duration of project

January 1999-April 2000

For more information

Name:   Marie Therese Fanning
Organisation:     Work Research Centre
Telephone:   +353-1-492-7042
Facsimile:   +353-1-492-7046

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