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Telecommunications-based Home-Care Services for European Citizens

Project in the Framework of the Trans-European Network Initiative - TEN - TELECOM 1998

The overall objectives of TEN-CARE are:

  • to establish a comprehensive and integrated technical, organisational and process-oriented approach to the care of elderly people and other patients at home.
  • to launch viable segments of the approach as independent businesses and/or operational services in the European healthcare market, setting up on a European scale a set of services for delivering or improving primary healthcare particularly for elderly people, based on advanced telematics.
The approach includes supporting transitions between home-based care and hospital or other institutional care, providing for patients as complete a continuity of care as practicable, removing for healthcare providers extremely costly duplication of effort at transitions, enabling low-cost and effective care delivery, and developing new business for cable and other network service providers.

The consortium consists of major providers of social and health-care services and leading telecommunications service providers, supported by specialist consultants and development groups.

WRC is leading Workpackage One – User Requirements Definition. Further details of the activities and output of workpackage one can be found on the TEN-CARE website.

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